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By 05.30.13

TV theme songs set the tone for the show. Friends is happy. Lost is ominous, and Game of Thrones is epic. But what if you switched some of your favorite shows’ songs?

I can’t pinpoint why the theme to The Office plays well for Mad Men, but it does. And I’ve never been so nervous about what was going to happen on How I Met Your Mother. What if we never find out who the mother is? OH THE HORROR!

Colin Joliat
About Colin Joliat... Colin Joliat is the 2nd best person to ever come from Flint, Michigan, behind only Andre "Bad Moon" Rison. He covers the food & alcohol industries with two parts information, one part comedy, and one part WTF is wrong with this guy. He's currently pretending people care about his new drunken venture, Boozist.
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