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Watch David Guetta’s Acid Trip Kick In, Have A Mild Stroke, Or Morph Into Matthew McConaughey At Tomorrowland

By 07.30.14

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Tomorrowland took place over in Belgium this past weekend and WOW, David Guetta either popped a bad batch of Molly or had a mild stroke in the middle of his set. Right at 3:44 Guetta starts to stare off…into the distance….but okay, maybe he just spaced out for a minute.

Nah, because he keeps staring. I can’t describe it as anything other than a mild stroke because that’s what it fucking looks like, minus the face-droop thing. Oh, and has anyone else noticed how David Guetta’s ratty beard and lack of shampoo makes him look like boozed-out Rust Chole, aka Matthew McConaughey in True Detective?


Fast forward to 3:44 to watch David Guetta…have a mild Alzheimer’s moment and forget where he is.

[H/T Gawker]

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