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James Spader has officially signed on to play Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Rumors had been rampant about who would be worthy of the role of such a legendary villain, but we finally have our answer.

There should be little doubt that Spader is up to the task. The man is a brilliant actor, with multiple Emmy awards to prove it. He’s a master of playing the intelligent and calm yet evil and manipulate character. The questions will all now turn to his costume.

Wikipedia Composite

Wikipedia Composite

Unlike Iron Man who is just a billionaire genius playboy inside a robotic suit, Ultron is an actual automaton. At one point he upgraded his armor to adamantium, but there’s no telling if that will have happened before, during, or after the current timeline of the movies. My uneducated guess would be that his upgrades mid-movie. We also don’t yet have information on whether James Spader will be used in motion-capture for Ultron or if Bill Nye will build an awesome fully-functional robot. My money is on the motion-capture though.

We finally have our answer as to who is playing Ultron, but there are plenty of more questions surrounding James Spaders involvement that you can waste your time thinking about for the next 10 months. Just don’t drive yourselves insane before Avengers: Age of Ultron premier in Summer 2014.

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