by Lance Pauker on April 11, 2013

Adam Devine, who plays Adam DeMamp on Comedy Central's hit Workaholics, is getting the Joey from Friends treatment–except that unlike Joey, Devines show will likely not end up being the butt of all pop culture jokes for over a decade. Via Laughspin

In an effort to capitalize on the massive success of Workaholics, Comedy Central has given the series standout star Adam Devine his own show. Dubbed Adam Devine’s House Party, the actor will host a stand-up comedy and sketch series featuring Devine’s favorite comedians— 24 in total. The twist is all about location, location, location. Each episode will feature three comics performing stand-up in the backyard of Devine’s mansion, which, it seems, is a prop.

“I don’t know how I convinced Comedy Central to give me another show, a Hollywood mansion and a paycheck for hanging out with my friends. I hope they have a good lawyer and the fire department on speed dial,” Devine says, who also tweeted, “The owners of the house won’t let us supply booze… But we’re not frisking. Know what I mean?”


In conclusion, all you have to do to be rich, famous, and funny is simply be yourself. (and of course, #grind. you mostly have to do that.)

[H/T: Laughspin]

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