by Andy Moore on May 22, 2013

Then, the group conjured up the idea of The Wizards, a rap group that combined the hustla life with Lord of the Rings exploits. They were utterly hilarious. My roommate and I discovered “Straight Outta Morder” and “Potion Mixin'” during a Workaholics season one binge a couple of summers ago, and we immediately bought the “Purple Magic” album. 

Yes, there was an album. These guys somehow wrote 14 songs about potion-slingin' and blastin' goblins with a loaded 12-gauge. Blasting it during pregames always caused more than a few looks. 

Now, the Workaholics guys have never been bigger. And it's pretty great to see them stay true to their bizarre roots with a performance of “Straight Outta Morder” on Conan last night. I wonder what percentage of the audience actually “got” the joke. I know that they could care less.

Andy Moore

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