by Chris Illuminati on January 6, 2014

James Avery, the patriarch of the Banks family on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, died last week at the age of 56. Social media quickly expressed their condolences for the fictional father of Carlton, uncle of Will, and for a second it all felt like the character died on a “very special episode” and not the real person. 

“Will Smith” quickly tweeted out sympathy to his fallen faux family member. He begged followers for a retweet because, according to him, if “the tweet received over 300,000 retweets” a reunion would get the greenlight from the brass at NBC. As if that’s how NBC greenlights shows. Wait, that is how NBC greenlights shows? I guess that explains every Matthew Perry show ever.

The Will Smith account was a fake. Today, the real Will Smith posted a message about his former co-star on Facebook. It’s how classy people do it.


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