by Andy Moore on October 7, 2013

These commercials are actually kind of unreal, operating less as ads than 30-second bits of absurdist humor. They're more mainstream than the Tim and Eric-esque Old Milwaukee commercials, but still will never be mistaken for the work of conservative advertising execs. According to Jalopnik, Will Ferrell shot 70—that's not a typo; 7-0—ads, most of which will never touch the TV airwaves. (One great one apparently involves Burgundy directing the Durango's GPS to the “House of Thighs”: “Don't judge me, that is a classy chicken burlesque joint. House of Thighs just has great chicken. There's no getting around it. All I'm doing is supporting the economy. What are you doing?”)

And look for more to pop up online as we slowly near, like an old, old wooden ship, to that ever-closer Dec. 20 Anchorman 2 release date. 

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