by J. Camm on March 10, 2014


What. A. Fucking. Run. From the word go True Detective riveted me, and a lot of you as well. The characters, their flaws, their ideals, their dialogue, their mission…it was all so captivating.

Aside from the fact that we had to say goodbye to these characters forever, the season finale last night, for me, wasn’t a let down. The beginning scenes helped tie everything together and set up what happened in Errol Childress’ rape fort, which was one of the most intense TV moments I can ever remember watching and easily the highlight of the entire episode. The ending could have gone a number of ways, sure. Dark could have triumphed over Light. When Marty and Rust sat there in the hospital, knowing everyone involved had probably not been brought to justice, someone could have easily came into the hospital and killed them. But death would have left us with a definitive ending, with no questions about what became of Marty and Rust. I don’t think I would have been OK with that.

Below is episode commentary from the show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto and director Cary Fukunaga.

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