by Soletron on July 8, 2013

Since the days of the “hot coffee” incident in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, developers have been putting interactive sex front and center in the games. The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) is taking notice, too. The ESRB is treating video games like R-rated movies where sex, violence and language are used to immerse the audience in the story. Game developers over the last few decades have been catering to more realism in games, especially when it comes to sex. Sometimes developers try TOO HARD to make a video game sex scene sexy, simply making it weird, while other times it turns out just plain HOT.  There are some sexy video game sex scenes and some unsexy video game sex scenes, but either way they’re pushing the envelope. So let’s take a look at the Top 10 Video Game Sex Scenes for M-rated audiences below. 

Note: You probably shouldn't look at these at work.

10. Dragon Age Origins

Making love to your doppelganger always makes for a great sex scene!

9.Heavy Rain

Is it awkward when you forget what button unzips the pants? This has the potential of being hot, but it also gives you the creepy feeling that a pimply faced, sweaty adolescent dreamt up this fantasy.

8. Mass Effect II

Mass Effect could double for a sci-fi skin flick with all the intergalactic sex happening between shipmates.

7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The hot coffee mod sex sequences aren’t officially part of the game and were found buried in the code as Easter Eggs. However, this game is chalk full of sex scenes – lesbian sex, strip club sex, or sex on the beach with a prostitute. You nasty, Rockstar developers.


6. Fear Effect II

Taking place in an elevator, this one isn’t as graphic as others on the list, but it leaves your imagination wondering.


5. Grand Theft Auto 4

In the sex on the beach scene, Niko doesn’t last as long as you’d expect him to, and it really isn’t that sexy at all. With the car shaking and the screams she makes, it’s more, funny than anything else.

4. God of War Ghost of Sparta

“How does he keep it up?” We can’t see much, but the whole orgy scene is pretty great – and I’m sure I counted a total of 8 girls he did at once.

3. Indigo Prophecy

While other games imply the sex, Indigo Prophecy actually shows it in its entirety. It’s less ‘wham bam, thank you mam,’ and more romantic, but they definitely get it on…in super slow motion!


2. Far Cry 3

What would you want to do before you died? Have sex? SPOILER ALERT: That's what Jason got to do.


1. Mass Effect 3

The game allows you to choose whether you enter into the lesbian sex shower scene or not. The options: “go in,” “don’t go in.” Don’t worry, the video takes you in!