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By / 09.03.14

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Most of us will never forget where we were when #TheFappening (AKA The Great Nudie Leak of 2014) was happening. I was in a New Jersey diner grabbing some chow with my lady when all of a sudden my phone vibrated. An email hit my inbox informing me that if I clicked the link the tits and ass jackpot was just beyond.

Since my chicken taverna was still far too hot to eat, I clicked that link. I stared for moments. My wife was pissed, because she hates when I look at my phone. But then I said to her, “You want to see Jennifer Lawrence naked?” She did. We all did.

I passed her the phone.

She gawked. She scrolled. She clicked on things.

When she finally passed it back, a smug grin was plastered across her face. Lawrence was no longer on the screen. Staring back at me were the asses of Kate Upton and Justin Verlander. That’s when I knew this was leak was something special, that my wife was something special.

Then I put my phone away and I ate my chicken taverna. It was succulent.


Last night Stephen Colbert weighed in. ENJOY!

J. Camm
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