by Brandon Wenerd on April 7, 2013

Cold Open: Propaganda from North Korea. Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un declares gay marriage legal In North Korea. It's amazing how progressive they are over there. Thank you, Dennis Rodman.  



Mike Rice, Outside the Lines: Hands down the funniest take on the Rutgers scandal to date. Melissa Mccarthy plays Sheila Kelly, a batshit, abusive women’s basketball coach at the fictitious D3 basketball powerhouse, Middle Delaware State. Plus, she throws a toaster at a player. Who does that? FTW! 


Bathroom Businessman: A not-so-subtle public service announcement for texting and e-mailing while taking a sh*t. 


Drunk Uncle: An amazing Drunk Uncle rant on taxes with Peter Dinklage, his wee little drinking buddy, “Peter Drunklage.” How has Peter Dinklage not hosted yet? 


Art of the Encounter: A few dating pointers, you guys: 


Phoenix performs two tracks off their new album. They're headlining Coachella next week: