by David Covucci on April 28, 2014


God. Being a celebrity sounds like the best. You just traipse from attractive famous person to attractive famous person, sharing lines of quality cocaine and then fucking.

At least, I assume that is what it’s like to be a celebrity. But save for the cocaine part (which may be true), it seems Orlando Bloom is rolling that way. Because Bloom, who recently split with the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, is apparently now getting down with the equally beautiful Selena Gomez. From Page Six:

Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom appeared cozy together as they attended Chelsea Handler’s show on Saturday night.
According to reports, the pair arrived in the same car for the show at the Forum, and later left together.


And this means a pretty boy bitch fight between Bloom and Justin Bieber is not far behind.

That is something we can all root for.

[Image via Instagram]

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