by Lance Pauker on July 23, 2012

Nevertheless, it looks like drug dealers  who carry things other than painkillers and cocaine will make their first-ever appearance in Martha's Vineyard next month. Joining them will be corrupt government types, who will be making their 150th appearance, and will thankfully not have to spend money on costumes. 

Like Snot Boogie playing craps, I see no way around this. Life just be that way, I guess. Despite unprecedented levels of douchiness, it'd be against everything our great country stands for to not let the Obama Campaign throw this party. After all, “this is America, man.” 

Anyone can attend, so long as they pay the paltry $500 (minimum) fee. According to Gawker, the POTUS is (smartly) sitting this one out. 

[H/T: Gawker]

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