by Andy Moore on February 12, 2014


It was revealed yesterday that the proprietor of Los Angeles’ hottest new cafe, Dumb Starbucks, was none other than comedian Nathan Fielder. For several days, Fielder had successfully run a carbon-copy of Starbucks with “dumb” items—and he got away with, too, under the protections of parody law until L.A. shut down his restaurant for lacking a health permit. (Fielder explained in a press conference that he was able to pass along to the customers the savings from not paying the health department.)

On Kimmel last night, Fielder talked more about his new business, continuing to deadpan play a business owner who “always wanted to own a small business.” Which is the real genius of his prank, not the critique on Starbucks. The guy’s a 2014 Andy Kaufman.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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