by Andy Moore on August 9, 2013

And, in a rarity among the inflated egos that make up Hollywood, Marky Mark doesn't seem to take himself that seriously. He's poked fun at his personality on SNL (always a good, endearing call), and there's this incident, shared on his Facebook wall Tuesday: Two Matt Damon fans recently ran into Wahlberg, mistaking him for Damon, and Wahlberg was good-natured enough to pretend to be the Good Will Hunting star. A screenshot of the incident made its way online, Wahlberg saw it, and he posted the text chain to his Facebook with the caption “Close enough.”

The mistake kind of makes sense. Wahlberg and Damon are both Boston guys, both are known for playing tough-guy action roles, and they've even appeared in the same movie together. Sometimes when you see a celebrity, you know he's a celebrity, but you freeze and mistake him for someone else.

But you've still gotta appreciate the chill broiness of Wahlberg for taking it all in stride.

[H/T: Gawker]