by Andy Moore on December 11, 2013

Caplan currently stars on Masters of Sex—a show about these sex therapists that thankfully did a poor job in casting for them—and her role has famously required ample pay-cable disrobing. (She's naked in two out of the three episodes. This is cause for celebration.) But for her first ever nude role, in True Blood, she wasn't nearly as comfortable. So she got comfortable. By 7 a.m. drinking.

“I was hammered for that … I didn’t really have many lines (that I needed to remember). It was 7 in the morning, and I was chugging vodka, and I was completely naked while a make-up artist I had just met was on her knees sponging my ass … I have never told anyone this, but I was so drunk, and I was so nervous, that after I shot the scene, I was going up to the crew members — I had just met them the day before — and I was going up to all of them, and I was like (drunkenly), “You’ve got a boner. You do! You got one!”


The whole interview is worth a watch:

[H/T: Uproxx]

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