by Ted Williams Head on May 11, 2012

In this hilarious Funny or Die skit the PR team for Kris has some innovative ideas at making Humphries as despised as Bill Laimbeer and Dennis Rodman. Some of the ideas include a video game called “Kris Humpries D*ck Kicker 2012,” where the only premise of the game is to kick the hated basketball player in the genitals. Then there's “Kris Humprhies Toilet Paper,” so people can wipe their a** with Kris Humphries' face. The agents suggest that he look more like a douchebag by wearing shutter sunglasses indoors; is that a shot at Kim's new fling Kanye? I have to admit, I like Humphries more that he did this humorous video, but I still really want to play “Kris Humphries D*ck Kicker 2012,” especially if it's on Kinect.

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