by Andy Moore on December 5, 2012

To wit:

Nov. 15: Williams is arrested in Oakland for whacking an aspiring 18-year-old rapper on the head with a bottle. He's released by noon.

Nov. 16: He has a meltdown on stage, leaving just 10 minutes into his act and challenging several audience members to fight. (God, I just had an amazing image of a normal-sized man holding Williams' head while the comedian throws haymakers.)

Nov. 25: Williams leads police officers on a chase through the sidewalks and walkways of Sacramento while driving a three-wheeled motorcyle, after police approach him about a disturbing-the-peace complaint. The cops actually stop following him because they feel it was too dangerous to continue the chase.

Nov. 25: Williams is caught on a Target security camera slapping an employee.

Dec. 2: Williams is arrested in Seattle after attempting to attack a bar manager with a pool cue. He's later kicked out of his hotel.

Below is amazing footage of Williams attempting to move his belongings out of that hotel while carrying a bag as tall as him. The news report also contains the interview in which the comedian announces he's calling it quits.

Ah, well. Get mentally well soon and stop attacking fans, Katt. We'll remember you by that Deaf routine. And not those fucking parody accounts (seriously, stop following them).

[H/T: LA Times]

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