by Andy Moore on August 21, 2012

The move means that Kimmel, who made his bones on “The Man Show” and has always had more of a crass (and funnier) streak than Letterman and Leno, may have to tone his act done a bit. Via Deadline:

The ABC late night host is only 44 years old now – and that’s why the network is betting that Kimmel can attract younger eyeballs than Jay Leno, 62, and David Letterman, 65. ABC’s own venerable Nightline skews to older demographics as well. “ABC sees the future and thinks it makes sense to entrench ourselves at 11:35 PM now,” Kimmel explained. Anything about the show he might have to change by starting a 1/2 hour earlier? “Maybe cut back on the penis jokes.”


As long as he keeps the brilliant “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” series going, we're cool with that.

In case you were wondering how those connected to Kimmel are taking the news, his most famous former writer, Bill Simmons, Tweeted out his congrats today:

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