by Andy Moore on July 11, 2013

Despite the long wait, most fans should be pleased with this news. Skyfall wasn't without its problems, but it had something very few of these dorky, overblown, and super-serious recent blockbusters can't say: It was cool. It balanced mind-blowing stunts like the the Istanbul motorcycle chase with dialogue that never took the machinations of the film too seriously; it was perfectly shot; and, until it fell apart into an (arguably hilarious) homage to Home Alone, it provided both modern-day Jason Bourne-esque realism and classic Bond escapism. Plus, Bérénice Marlohe. Good God.

So, yeah, in this aforementioned summer of dorky, overblown, and super-serious blockbusters, gimme another movie like Skyfall. I just want to walk out of a movie theater again without feeling like I watched a nerd knock down his Lego buildings for three hours.

[H/T: Vulture]

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