by Reggie Noble on March 21, 2012

First and foremost, this game is to be played with hard alcohol only. A fine aged whiskey, a dry martini or something involving bitters is preferred.

One drink any time:

  • A character takes a drink
  • A male character says or does something sexist or misogynistic
  • Betty Draper is – or appears – miserable
  • A bar cart is within camera
  • A cigarette is lit
  • A woman cries
  • Joan is an overbearing mother to a younger woman
  • Pete acts like a woman
  • Peggy complains

Two drinks any time:

  • A carb-heavy meal is washed down with a quart of milk
  • The Village is mentioned
  • You notice Don’s new fiancée’s teeth
  • A cigarette is lit for someone else
  • A character displays racism
  • A woman cries in the bathroom
  • When you wonder why Trudy is with Pete
  • Roger is overtly rude
  • Roger is drunk
  • Roger makes an advance toward a woman in the office

Three drinks any time:

  • A current event is tied into the plot
  • Someone is instructed to shut the door
  • Lane compares something to England
  • Lane is mocked for being English
  • Someone is instructed to sit down
  • A child is shown tough love
  • Someone dies
  • Someone visits the doctor
  • A man cries

Finish your drink if:

  • Betty smiles

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