by Andy Moore on November 25, 2013

Will Ferrell will guest-host the 6 p.m. SportsCenter next Thursday, Dec. 5, sources told The Big Lead today. He'll be the third celeb host in the past few weeks (after Ken Jeong, who was great, and Jimmie Johnson, who was there). The actor will be promoting the Anchorman sequel, which comes out Dec. 20.

Which means that yes, either the entire hour or at least a portion of the Dec. 5 SportsCenter will be hosted by Ron Burgundy. Burgundy auditioned for the show prior to its 1979 launch—according to this Anchorman DVD extra—but this marks the first time he's actually hosted a show.

He's got a tall hurdle to clear. This Halloweeen, Boise sports director Paul Gerke delivered a flawless Burgundy impression while delivering the highlights and weather on KIVI. I'm not sure if Ferrell himself can pull off something so seamless. (He can.)

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