by David Covucci on October 16, 2013

No? Do you watch Girls? No? Okay, what about HBO; do you get HBO? HBO just announced Looking, a show that promises to do for gay guys what Girls did for girls. By that I mean “generate a bunch of insipid meta-analysis.” It's going to be revolutionary. The shows “follows three friends in San Francisco dealing with the choices offered a new generation of gay men” 

Choices such as: “Is the iPhone 5s or c the one that comes in gold?” and “How do we get to the Apple Store? I don't want to take the Muni.” 

I don't know if this show is going to be good or not. But I already know how it's going to unfold. The pilot will center around the reversal of Prop 8. Our protagonist, exuberant, proposes to his boyfriend. His boyfriend, who up until then had been excited about getting married, suddenly waffles in the face of reality. The first season will revolve around that strife, culminating with a marriage on the footsteps of City Hall. In fact, I can script the whole fucking season. 

Episode One: The pilot will include a conversation about whether “Spooge” is Paleo. 
Episode Two: The boys go to a bar they think is gay but turns out to be straight. They cheer for the Home Sports Team and many a bridge is gapped.  
Episode Three: Wine tasting in Napa! “What's wrong with a bunch of dudes just drinking some wine?
Episode Four: Our protagonist meets a bisexual female who makes him doubt his own homosexuality. 
Episode Five: The couple goes on an urban hike to hash out their commitment issues. It ends at Coit Tower (PHALLIC!), where they agree to recommit.
Episode Six: The couple's parents come to town for a night of good, clean, gay fun.
Episode Seven: A week before the wedding, a fight breaks out over who walks down the aisle. 
Episode Eight: Gay Marriage. Prosecco, Cava, the works. 

The lead character is played by Jonathon Groff. I don't know who the fuck that is. 

[H/T FlavorWire]

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