by Andy Moore on September 26, 2012

Now, though, it appears that script ideas have been flowing to the Farrelly brothers like the salmon of Capistrano. They announced on Twitter last night that they're almost done with a script for a film called “Dumb and Dumber To,” which they say has been written specifically for the two original stars. Suck me sideways, this is good news.

Will it be good? Well, it probably won't be anything like that atrocious prequel from a few years ago, about which the Farrelly Brothers say they had nothing to do. However the directors are known for being pretty up-and-down—for every “Something About Mary” in their resume, there's a “Shallow Hal,” too. 

But if they pull off a sequel with Carrey and Daniels? Then they'll have gone and done a thing to TOTALLY redeemed themselves. (I got four quotes in. Not bad.)

Andy Moore

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