by J. Camm on July 17, 2014


Drake’s hosting effort last night at the 2014 ESPYs was…interesting? It yielded mixed reviews from the critics. And by “critics” I mean human beings who use Twitter. I personally didn’t care for most of the show, but I don’t care for most things, so maybe the show was spectacular and I’m just a miserable prick.

One of the few noteworthy moments (I refuse to call this a highlight) is when Drake sang the song “Honorable Mention,” a tribute to athletes who don’t win. He ragged on Danica Patrick, Lolo Jones, and LeBron James for losing this year’s NBA championship. When the camera pans to Dan Marino at the end, your heart just sinks for the poor bastard. Sure, he’s rich and helps sell a lot of cars in Southeast Florida, but you can still see the emptiness from all those years on the field with nothing but honorable mentions.

J. Camm

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