by Andy Moore on September 11, 2012

Via TMZ comes this blown-up look at the new neck tattoo Brown rocked at the VMAs last week. The “singer,” who is doing his best to rock the Sisqo hair/13-year-old pubic-facial hair combo, denies that his new tattoo is an homage to the night when he infamously beat up his then-girlfriend:

Sources really close to Chris tell us any similarities the tat has with Rihanna's face are purely coincidental — “It's a random woman.”


The fact that this asshat still has a career is sickening but understandable. People are able to seperate scumbags from the work they put out, and Brown's music has popularity.

But if you venture onto Twitter—especially what's found under the hashtag “#TeamBreezy”—you will be stunned at the lengths people will go to defend the guy. Even a guy who beats up a woman and then gets her battered face tattooed on his neck.

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