by BroBible Staff on January 14, 2014

If you didn't pay attention last week, Comedy Central is doing a contest to allow you to become a “Rich Dick” for a day. And ladies, they want you to get in on the action, too. All you need to do is submit three photos of yourself doing your best Rich Dick impersonation. Don't even pretend you don't own a $75 shirt or a pair of pants worth more than your rent. Go grab them, toss on some shades, an awful handbag, act like the lady douche you were born to be and SUBMIT THEM HERE.

In the mean time, try and enjoy the 9 Biggest Female Rich Dicks in America.

9. The Kardashians

Why do these people keep getting work? Honestly, who cares to watch them spend someone else’s money? They might make their own money now but these rich dicks inherited a fortune and Ryan Seacrest to get there.

8. Nicole Richie

Again, some of these rich dicks are simply enjoying a life that was given to them because someone else has talent. Hello?

7. Amy from Amy’s Baking Company

If Gordon Ramsey can’t even handle you, no one can. Amy was the biggest rich dick to ever appear on Kitchen Nightmares and we fear she will be the last.

6. Rachael Sacks

Life must be really hard for this spoiled little brat. She spends all her time whining about how bad her life is because she is too rich. Too rich? Is that even a thing?

5. Paris Hilton

There will never be a list that includes the word rich and dicks in the title that Paris Hilton will not be a part of for more than one reason.

4. Leanne “Kuukia” Stern

Leanne self-proclaimed herself the female Spencer Pratt. Annndddd…moving on.

3. Michaele Salahi

It isn’t easy to be the most hated woman on Bravo’s hit reality series, “Real Housewives” but Michaele has figured out a way by stealing the spotlight and talking about herself more than Mr.T.

2. Linda Hogan

Hulk Hogan is the biggest name in professional wrestling of all time. His ex-wife, however, isn’t. But this list isn’t about talent, it is about being a rich dick and she is definitely one.

1. Christy and Alice Walton

The day will come when the Walton family will have to answer for their complete destruction of American business. Until that day, Christy and Alice will continue to allow Wal-Mart to run like a Chinese sweat shop and not give one shit about it. 

Go forth, using these Female Rich Dicks as inspiration, and transform yourself into the biggest female (or male) Rich Dick the world has ever seen



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