by Krum on September 11, 2013

1.The Howard Stern Show (SiriusXM)
The gold standard for nearly thirty years. While loyal listeners have argued that show quality has decreased in this twilight era, Howard continues to outshine his peers. Though casual listeners associate THSS with lesbians and midgets, it’s clear that Howard has become more well rounded as of late, with hilarious social commentary, cerebral interviews with A-listers, and of course, excellent song parodies about Robin’s boobs. Howard is still the King of All Media, he has just changed how he wears the crown.

2. WTF with Marc Maron (wtfpod.com)
Maron is a damaged individual. He’s neurotic, obsessive, delicate, caustic, manic, arrogant, pessimistic, and at times, a little gassy. Plus he likes cats. But what he lacks in emotional stability, he makes up for in compelling revelations and great interviews. WTF offers a perspective from the other side of showbiz, from someone who revels in struggle, be it with Hollywood or with his own life. Sure he can be whiny at times, but Marc Maron knows who he is and thankfully, the rest of us get to listen in.

3. This American Life (www.thisamericanlife.org)
No, listening to NPR won’t automatically give you a receding hairline and a nerdy Asian girlfriend. Each week, Ira Glass presents a collage of essays, investigations and interviews on themes that span from global crisis to highway rest stops. Though there is definitely a thick-rimmed overtone to the news magazine, they cover stuff with an artful touch that escapes 60 Minutes. Plus, when you haven’t read a non-tweeted work in the last three years, it’s nice to feel a little cultured.

4. How Did This Get Made (www.earwolf.com/show/how-did-this-get-made)
Don’t you find yourself asking that on a daily basis? Andre from The League and friends tear apart shitty movies, music, and television. It’s like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 for the YouTube generation. Besides, it’s a gross injustice that the Super Mario Bros. movie has not been denigrated as much as it should.

5. Stuff You Should Know (www.stuffyoushouldknow.com)
Listen, you don’t know how pollen works. You probably never cared. But now that I put that thought in your head, I know you have an insatiable desire to uncover the inner workings of the antigen process. Stuff You Should Know isn’t always that, but it never fails to be entertaining. I may not ever find true love, but I’ll be damned if I can’t competently discuss medieval torture devices.

6. The Champs (www.thechampsyo.com)
Now you’re fucking with the Champs! Neal Brennan (The white guy from Chappelle’s Show) and Moshe Kasher (another white guy) talk comedy, hip-hop and sports with strictly African-American guest stars. Besides that being racist but racist in a good way yet maybe it’s racist to think that, it’s totally works. Questionably racist, definitely funny.

7. The BroBible Podcast 
Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Finally, a podcast that answers the age-old question, “does J.Camm sound as hot as he looks?” We’re in our infancy, but I am certain that it is only a matter of time before The BroBible Podcast blares from ear buds like the herald trumpeting his nobleman. I’ve yet to make an appearance, as the powers that be fear I’ll drop that reggae airhorn every five seconds (I would), but stay tuned! (Editor's Note: We're currently on hiatus, but when we come back next week or the following you are welcome to join us.)

Have any other talk shows you fox with? Pumped for Yom Kippur? Leave your thoughts in the comments sections!

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