by J. Camm on August 21, 2012

According to the Daily Mail:

The widespread action is a result of rumors that a 'major male porn star' — who could have potentially had unprotected sex with hundreds of women on camera — had the infection but continued to film scenes, according to numerous XXX industry blogs.

The outbreak is likely to bolster a ballot issue in November that aims to force all porn performers to wear condoms during pornography shoots. Condom use has become of political issue in Los Angeles since a 2010 AIDs outbreak, which infected one performer.

Sex workers are supposed to undergo regular blood tests to ensure they are free of sexually transmitted disease.

However, it was reported that one of the labs frequented by porn stars does not test for syphilis.

Furthermore, the bacterial infection has a 90-day incubation period — meaning a porn actor could be carrying the disease, but it wouldn't show up on tests.

Horrible news to hear but at least you now know the answer to the question that you would've otherwise asked in a few weeks, on that day when you find yourself at home fapping to the same old porn wondering what awful sin you committed to cause the God of smut to stop bestowing new footage upon you. Thankfully, there's enough free sh*t on the internet to satiate most of us during the great porn famine of 2012. However, those of you with a 3 jack-a-day habit might be f*cked.

J. Camm

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