Bill Murray Enjoys Soft-Serve Just Like You and I

Ah, breaking news about the man, the myth, the legend, Bill Murray: Turns out he enjoys soft serve just like the rest of us!

Will the World Fall Into Utter Chaos During FXX’s 552-Episode Simpsons’ Marathon?


Snoop Dogg Says He Smoked Weed in the White House

Jimmy Kimmel went on Snoop Dogg’s “GGN” YouTube show recently, asking the D.O.-Double G if he ever smoked marijuana in the White House. His answer?

Kate Hudson Went On Jimmy Fallon Last Night And The Two Had A Competition Over Who Was The Better Liar

Fallon killin' it with the weird games, as usual.

Listen to Dan Bilzerian’s Entire Interview With Howard Stern

Earlier today, contributing editor Brandon Cohen outlined a lot of the highlights from Dan Bilzerian's interview this morning with Howard Stern.

The Rock Made a Literal Fuckton of Money on Movies Last Year

So much fucking money.

Ben Stein Gave This Ungrateful Escort Money For Nude Pregnant Photos

Who could've guessed that an escort would be a big pain in the ass?

I Can’t Stop Setting This ‘Old Man Killing It On the Dance Floor’ Video To Hood Rap Songs

Albert Einstein is both alive AND murdering the dance floor.

Stop Everything You’re Doing Because ‘Fight Club 2′ Is Coming In 2015

I am Jack's smirking revenge.

This Illusionist Will BLOW YOUR MIND Because He’ll Guess Your Card THROUGH YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN

I'm shitting bricks right now.

Dan Bilzerian Went on Howard Stern This Morning, Here Are the Best Tidbits

Did you know Dan was banned from the entire state of Utah?

Watch a Couple Kids Shit on Michael Bay’s Trailer For ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Poor Michael.

Watch the Hilarious Outtakes from Conan and Dave Franco’s Tinder Trolling Session

Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco's Tinder Trolling sesh nearly broke the Internet on Friday.

Dirty Game of Thrones Is Where People Post Their Nasty Sexual Fantasies About GoT Characters

Very nasty. But too funny.

Leaked Opening Sequence For ‘Star Wars: Episode Seven’ Will Make Your Nerd Boner Nerd Boner

So hard.

John Oliver Did 17 Minutes on America’s Prison System Last Night, Illuminated Some Startling Facts

Kind of tough to watch.

Weird Al Yankovic Has Created the Ultimate Guide to ‘First World Problems’

Doesn't life suck when your house is so big you can't get WiFi in the kitchen? Ugh. The worst.

Watch This ‘Kids Cursing In Movies’ Supercut, Because ‘Eat Shit and Die, Ricky!’

All kids love cursing. Can't get enough of it.

How Much Ass Do You Think Zac Efron Will Pull From Rappelling Shirtless Down a Cliff with Bear Grylls?

What the hell is he wearing cargo pants for?

All I’m Watching Today is This Absolutely Fantastic Mashup Of Kids Cursing in Movies

Here's 2 amazing minutes of little fuckers cursing up a storm.

Should We Forgive Dan Bilzerian For This Extremely Offensive Photo?

You think you know someone... until you don't.

Sean Bean Confirmed That ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Theory About Jon Snow’s Parents

Spoilers ahead, beware.

Please Take a Moment to Rate Miranda Kerr’s Flip Cup Skills


Conan and Dave Franco Create DTF Tinder Profiles, Hilarity Ensues

Kids these days... They have no idea what it's like to meet a girl in person and ask her on a date.

Professor Says ‘Harry Potter’ Books Brainwashed Millennials to Elect President Barack Obama

Thanks for nothing, Dumbledore.

Scott Disick Got So Black Out Drunk He Had to Go to the Hospital

Glad someone took care of his drunk ass.

Watch Emma Stone Talk To David Letterman About Ghostly Ectoplasm-Crusted Quarters


This Sriracha EDM Festival Sounds Like My Nightmare

WOW – two shitty fan bases have joined up for one awful festival! The Electronic Sriracha Festival will take place Labor [...]

This Video of Joaquin Phoenix’s Forehead is Legitimately Amazing

His forehead needs an agent.

Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle Over Who’s The Bigger Star Wars Fan Using The Worst Effects Budget In History

I'm estimating a budget of about 10 cents.