by woveneric on February 2, 2014

BroBible is always looking for new writers to join the ranks of our full-time and freelance stable of scribes. The best way to get noticed is to start writing stories in the Forums, which we’re constantly monitoring. We have “promoted” quite a few of our top writers to staffer status from the Forums (formerly Brommunity), so you can definitely be the next one. If you think you’re ready for consideration, drop us a line via the contact form (use a catchy subject line), and include some links to some of your best stuff.

Other writers who are new to BroBible and who think they can contribute immediately are also welcome to reach out to us via the contact form. Please give us some background on your writing experience, some links to the types of stories you’d want to write for BroBible, and which topics you’d feel most comfortable tackling for us. You don’t need to pitch specific stories, but having a thorough understanding of our previous coverage is a must. We can tell instantly when someone is truly a fan of BroBible and has great ideas for the site versus when someone’s just looking for another byline.

Thanks again for your interest. We hope to get you writing for us either in the Buzz or the Forums soon!

  • Anna James

    Hi there, the link seems to be broken to the contact form. Cheers.

  • Anna James

    Hi there, the link seems to be broken to the contact form. Cheers.

  • Rational Indignation

    Who ever writes for your shit are misogynistic assholes. Dont belittle others when your a fucking loser journalist righting on a half ass blog. Try going out and socializing if your not as awkward and incompetent as your self validating articles imply. Hire someone to wright for you that has a fucking brain.

  • Korean Barny

    That “Rational Indignation” C word needs to get laid.

  • add

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  • Jon

    dumb site…bro bible ??? are we 15????

    • Fuck Jon

      ^why so many question marks????????????

  • Adalgiza Silva

    Please, invest on me! I am a Social Work student. I will give back to society by working with homeless/abused children.

  • Dan

    These are some high quality comments. Jibberish followed by more jibberish. Then someone is hating on the site for some reason, probably because he’s jealous he didn’t think of it first. Next, someone who clearly dislikes the previous commenter asks why he uses so many question marks. And finally, a high quality beg for money. Good stuff…

  • notpilgrims2

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