by Brandon Wenerd on November 25, 2012

But here's the thing: No one wants to live in it.

CU spokesman Ken McConnellogue told the Denver Post, “So far, no one has moved.” Here's the pull quote from the Denver Post speculating why there might be lack of interest: 

A multitude of things could explain the lack of interest. The population of students with permits is minuscule, so it could be that none with a permit is living in a dorm.

But it's also possible not everyone who is armed is being forthcoming.

There are students with permits attending both campuses, McConnellogue said.

“I'm not surprised,” said David Burnett, spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry. “You've proven you're legally, responsibly and morally able to carry, then the college comes back and tells you you've got to move.

“What would you do?”


Does this really surprise anyone? What college student really wants to live in the same building with a bunch of gun-toting peers? Are there really students out there who feel safer because the guy down the hall has a concealed weapons permit? Doesn't having concealed civilian guns on campus increase the likelihood of an accident or incident, such as what happened at the University of Colorado earlier in November? Via the Denver Post:

The concealed-carry issue was forced back into the spotlight this month when a staff member with a concealed-carry permit at the School of Dental Medicine on the Anschutz Medical campus accidentally shot a co-worker while showing her gun. Both of the staffers were injured in the incident, but neither was hospitalized, police said. The gun owner is no longer employed by the university, and charges were filed, according to police.


A poll in Virginia last year found overwhelming public support for most college gun bans. National trends indicate the same thoughts about general gun control nationwide. Many, many arguments have been made that guns on campus distract from a college's primary goal of education. Faculty at CU Boulder have argued that they won't feel comfortable aggressively challenging students in the classroom, something that's integral to their jobs as educators. Others have argued that it will be impossible to tell who's permitted to carry and who's not on a densely populated college campus, causing a reporting nightmare to law enforcement. Though gun advocates argue that permitted concealed weapon carriers can “save the day” in the event of a campus shooting, there's more evidence to refute that claim than support it. Just lots of rhetoric. 

I'm happy to be proven wrong. Your thoughts in the comments.

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