by Andy Moore on September 18, 2013

This saga began when alumnae of Delta Delta Delta, Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi, and Alpha Gamma Delta blocked two black students from joining the 1,896 new sorority members at the school. A disgruntled Alpha Gamma Delta member, Melanie Gotz, went to the Crimson White to leak the story, telling the paper that a seemingly perfect candidate was “greeted with silence,” and therefore ineligible to go beyond formal recruitment, just because she was black. (One of the African-American students, it turns out, is the granddaughter of John England Jr., an Alabama trustee.)

It's been a messy and depressing story since the beginning. But the school is taking action, and notable people like Gov. Robert Bentley and the son of God (trustee Paul Bryant, Jr.) have voiced their anger. So steps are being taken in the right direction, even if the onus is still on the school's sororities to follow through with change.

[H/T: Huffington Post College]

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