by Andy Moore on February 27, 2014


In the annals of fraternity history, paddling is a staple. Maybe the staple, considering its cultural impact: you, thank god, don’t witness an elephant walk in Animal House or Dazed and Confused, but paddling? It’s there, and in 90% of all other college-y movies. It’s a tried and true way to physically and mentally kind-of-sort-of torture an 18-year-old future friend. Fun!

Anyway, one thing you don’t see in Animal House is Kevin Bacon bleeding from his butt for a week straight. But that, unfortunately, was what happened to a poor sap looking to gain entrance into the University of Akron’s Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity this week. From WKYC:

“The victim sustained injuries during the course of a fraternity initiation that took place over the course of about three weeks. The offenses happened at multiple off-campus locations. The victim and ancillary persons were in the process of pledging the fraternity. Suspects are active members in Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.”

In a report from the investigation, the victim says the injuries occurred from “multiple nights of beating” with paddles, which resulted in him bleeding from his buttocks.

When the student made it to the hospital, he lied about how he received the injuries.

The investigation report states that the victim had told hospital officials his injuries were the result of a sledding accident because he was afraid of the repercussions, believing he was still wanted to be in the fraternity.

“My sled had ‘APA’ on its seat, I swear!”

Charges of first-degree misdemeanor assault and fourth-degree misdemeanor hazing have been issued for six of the Alpha Phi Alpha brothers. And the school has since suspended the fraternity from all on-campus activities.

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