by Lance Pauker on September 13, 2012 has finally taken what some would consider to be the ultimate leap in internet cheating. The site solely exists so that college professors could write student's essay (for a small fee, of course). Knowing that their idea isn't going to go over so well with the righteous sort of bunch, the site does not appear to give the slightest of sh*ts: 

“Isn't it really unethical for you to be writing these essays for cash?” asks one of the questions on the site's FAQ. “Incredibly so,” the site responds, “and because the academic system is already so corrupt, we're totally cool with that. We even all have matching tweed t-shirts.”

The site, which currently employs some 30 professors, lets students submit project guidelines and has its stable of professors bid for the essay.

If you can't instantly name 10 people who would strongly consider doing this, you clearly didn't go to college.

In conclusion, supply and demand. 

[H/T: Gawker]

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