by BroBible Staff on June 6, 2012

Robb Stark: Nothing against Hoodie here, but I think society has a problem. This YOLO sh*t has simply gone to far.

Andy Moore: Agreed, Robb. Part of me knows that Hoodie is probably joking with this Tweet binge (maybe it was “Just ended world hunger #YOLO” that gave it away). But part of me is p*ssed off that Hoodie is keeping this ridiculous phrase alive, even if he's doing it in a joking fashion.                      

The truth is, YOLO has never been funny, and it's never been that clever. It was a throwaway line in a Drake song, and the line was not only dumb, it was an example of the worst trend in hip hop history—hashtag rap. Drake, who's so soft that 80-year-old T. Boone Pickens follows him on Twitter and who put on a worse freestyle performance than Justin Beiber on Westwood One a couple of years ago, has been one of the foremost rappers latching on to this rhyming style that has to have Biggie and Tupac rolling in their grave. Hashtag rap sucks, and Drake sucks. You don't want a catchphrase to have this kind of background. At least the regrettable “bling-bling” was coined by Lil' Wayne.

RS: Problem is, I think there's a part of all of us that want us to give it a chance. It's basically a more exciting way of saying “f*ck it.” It's like a get out of jail free card for every shitty and/or questionable decision you could possibly make. Hook up with this ugly chick? YOLO. Go see some hipstery emo band that I secretly like, but risk getting sh*t on by my friends for it? YOLO. It's a way to Bro-ify every unBro decision one could possibly make.

YOLO is the kid who doesn't know sh*t but has access to every prior exam ever given. YOLO is your friend who never buys beer for the house, but never gets called out because there's five of you and someone will always pick up the slack. YOLO has been winning, but it doesn't play the game the way its supposed to be played. It's either a trailblazer or a total douchelord, or both.

AM: But this doesn't make any sense! Don't you think that if you really cared that you only lived once, you wouldn't do stupid sh*t that could possibly kill you or embarrass you for the rest of your life? If you bring back Hagrid's wife, you don't get another life to live that down. YOLO, right?

RS: Fair point. As you said though, YOLO is this hashtag phenomenon. Rationality is thrown out the window when it comes to college kids and social media. At this point, YOLO is more than one person's actions, or one group's actions. Its become this standard of acceptable standardlessness, and it gives people a chance to do sh*t that they otherwise wouldn't be able to do. Sometimes, this could be a good thing. There's no doubt YOLO could get you some great stories. This is something we all must recognize. But at the same time, its you doing sh*t based on YOLO's terms instead of your own. And that's what pisses me off the most about it.

AM: It's time to bury YOLO. It's time to publicly shame any guy who buys a drink at a bar and says it, or any person, really, over the age of 16 who justifies a bad decision with that hashtag. It's time to defriend people on Facebook for naming their albums of nights out after the catchphrase, and it's time to unfollow anyone on Twitter who ever uses the dreaded acronym.

From now on, YOLO is only allowed to be said by the people Drake's songs really speak to: 14-year-old girls

RS: Word, I'm out. But what is dead may never die, so YOLO. F*cking YOLO.