by Stevie Chay Vaughan on March 18, 2012

Via our tipster:

This apartment complex throws down on St Patty's Day and on Halloween. Probably went on for about 2 hours until the cops came. They stood on the upper balcony and just kinda watched while everyone chanted “F*ck the Police” haha. Everyone left after that and basically took to the streets. Some kid was actually at the party playing the bagpipes. Music was blasting, people were going nuts, spilling beer everywhere…it was a good time.

Oh yeah, and all students got an email on St Patrick's day titled “Tonight” from the Office of the Dean of Students saying this:

“This St. Patrick's Day: Root for the Buffs. Party safely. Look out for each other. Get home alive and well.

Brought to you by the Dean of Students and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.”

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