by David Covucci on January 13, 2014

Nicholas William McHenry had 178 grams of pot (about six ounces) and a neglible amount of cocaine, which is still a felony because America's drug laws. WOOT. The worst part? He didn't get busted in a sting. It was an accident, albeit a dumb one. From the Daily Tar Heel:

Matthew Suczynski, a lawyer representing McHenry, said members of the fraternity were smoking hookah in the basement of the home which caused a fire alarm to go off two separate times Thursday.

When the Chapel Hill Fire Department responded to the second alarm, they believed they smelled marijuana and called the Chapel Hill Police Department.

The fraternity claims this was an isolated incident. 

All in all, this was an unfortunate, isolated incident,” [fraternity president Austin James] Jackson said in an email.

“However, the chapter dealt with the situation immediately, and Nicholas McHenry has been expelled from the fraternity.”

“We are putting last week’s events behind us and are moving forward into the spring semester.”

Right. Take it from someone who has lived with drug dealers. You know. And they had to have bought from him. Way to stand up for your frat buddy, whose lawyer, by the way, is insisting his client is innocent.  

Suczynski said he questions whether the marijuana belonged solely to McHenry.

“I don’t know that there is evidence of that at all,” he said.

“Fraternities and sororities share a lot of common rooms.”


[H/T Total Frat Move]

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