by Andy Moore on January 21, 2014


Purdue's student newspaper reports a chaotic scene in the EE building during the shooting. 

Erica Ambrose, a senior in the School of Agriculture, was in class in the Electrical Engineering building during the alleged shooting. 

“We heard shouting downstairs and it sounded like people were running through the hallways, just yelling at each other,” said Ambrose

“We heard the sirens and we looked out the window to see they had somebody in handcuffs,” said Ambrose. “Then, the fire alarms went on to evacuate, so we came outside. When we got out, that's when we got the text to avoid the area.”


Meanwhile, this frightening image has circulated around Purdue message boards and among students on Twitter. The subject's automatic weapon led many to believe it was a photo of the shooter, however others speculate the guy is a cop:


Which would make sense, since the Indianpolis Star reports this is the student in custody:


We'll update this post if anything changes. 

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