by Andy Moore on July 20, 2012

Jones Tweeted the info at around 11 a.m, and CBS's Bonnie Bernstein corroborated the news at 11:20.

This was quickly followed up by a comment from Penn State spokesman, who told the Dan Patrick Show that he/she was “not aware of any decision being made,” but this could be damage control. We'll find out in the near future.

Amid all the uncertainty, we do know this to be true: If the statue is coming down, good riddance. It's a hunk of metal, yes, and tearing it down will do nothing to right the many wrongs perpetrated by the Penn State higher-ups over the years, but symbols and statues matter.

They matter because they stand for what the person believed in. And they matter because they stand for what those who care for the statue believe in. Joe Paterno should not be lionized. These kids, and others like them, shouldn't have a statue of Joe Paterno to look up to, to admire, to pose with. And if it angers anyone—especially these idiots–who cares?

H/T: Deadspin

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