by Reggie Noble on December 13, 2012

Hawkeye baseball player Trevor Kenyon, along with five other members of the Iowa baseball team and one club hockey player, recently learned they might not be the only ones living in their house on North Dubuque Street. A local paranormal-investigating task force claims to have confirmed the residents have two spirits in their house. One, an older, grandfatherly figure — whom the guys have named “Tim” — roams the halls and rooms of the three-story house. Another, a younger girl, stays put in one particular room of the house.

“We’ve lived here over the past two years,” junior pitcher Aaron Smit said. “But over the past few months, we noticed things getting a little bit weird. We had a kid in here who thought he saw a ghost — a shadow in a form of a human.”

If you’re a poor college kid and some annoying ghost has taken up residence in your house, you can absolutely ask they pay rent and chip in on utilities. That’s only fair.

What other kind of freaky shit is going on? Well, plenty.

Members of the house began noticing chairs being moved around in the kitchen late at night. And on two separate occasions, girlfriends of players have had underwear removed from them while sleeping, even though they were wearing pants. Each time, the undergarments were discovered in another place. Smit said the list “sort of goes on.”

Yes, of course, the old steal-the-panties trick. Ghosts totally get off on that. Casper semen everywhere, I bet.

The article chronicles a litany of other bizarre occurrences that either proves the house is haunted or these guys have the GOOD DRUGS. Decide for yourself what is really going on.

[H/T: Daily Iowan]

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