by Brandon Wenerd on January 21, 2014


The co-founder and two others affiliated with a company that travels the country documenting college parties have been charged with conspiracy to incite a riot, following a large disturbance near Old Dominion University this weekend.

Officials were holding cameraman Ben Fredette, 21, an employee of I'm Shmacked, in the Norfolk City Jail without bond, according to the Norfolk Sheriff's Office. ODU police said they also have warrants for the company co-founder Arya Toufanian, 21, and another person affiliated with the company, Collin Morisi, 26, of Chesapeake.

Toufanian said his employees do not advocate or take part in rioting or vandalism and said Fredette was acting as a journalist.

No one from his staff has ever been charged with a crime, said Toufanian, who said he was not in Virginia for the filming.

I'm not sure if the “acting like journalist” trump card applies here. But let's see how this plays out.