by BroBible Staff on September 20, 2013

Quick Hit:

House parties every weekend, big on Thursday, Fridays and Saturday. Tailgating gets really, really big during the basketball season, everyone tailgates, and the bars get filled to the brim.

While football tailgates > basketball tailgates, you've gotta love the school support surrounding the tradition. And the house parties. Love the house parties, too. 7.5 out of 10.

House Parties:

The surrounding area is filled with houses owned by students, lots of the parties go until 2- 3 in the morning. The best parties are put on by the club teams, like Rugby House and Hockey House. There are always full kegs at each, everyone drinks for free.

Fo free, you say? 9 out of 10.

Bars and Clubs:

Bars in the area are great, many allow 18-year-olds to get in. Many, many put on concerts from a really great range of artists to choose from. More bars are being built in the area especially with the creation of the 54 million dollar University station (apartments, bars, restaurants etc.)

Hey, concerts are fun. And this University Station sounds like a massive step forward in the bar scene near Xavier. 7 out of 10.

Fraternity Life:

There are currently no frats life on campus, however they are currently in the process of studying to see if there should be. A lot of people here want them and we should see them in the next few years.

Not fair to give a grade here. N/A.


Amazing. You have a wide range of girls to choose from, they all dress really, really nice and all look damn good, especially the ones from Cali and Chi-town. The girls here aren't afraid to show off what they got.

Cheers for, uh, nice-dressed girls! If you're into that sort of thing. 7 out of 10.

Sports Raging:

Incredible. Especially during basketball season, we're in the new Big East conference with Georgetown, Butler, Marquette, so tailgating and pre-gaming at the local bars gets really intense and the games are always sold out. Even the guys and girls' soccer games get sold out as well, the after-parties for sporting events always happen.

The legend of the Big East lives on in Xavier. The students really do support their team. 8 out of 10.

Big Events:

Muskie Madness. Everyone gets hammered and they go see the basketball team get introduce, then after there's just house party on house parties to celebrate the opening of the season.

7.5 out of 10.


Were on our way up as a party school as the campus keeps growing as well as the surrounding area. Drinks at parties are always free, the kegs are always full, and the girls always look good and want to show off. The bars always open and the house parties always happen.

8 out of 10.

Overall How We Party Standings, Week 14:

1. Ohio State: 8.6

2. Florida State: 8.5

3. University of South Carolina: 8.4

4. University of Southern California: 8.3

5. Penn State University: 8.2

6. University of Texas-Austin: 8.1

7. University of Illinois: 7.9

8. Miami of Ohio 7.85

T-9. University of Arizona: 7.8

T-9. University of Michigan: 7.8

10. Xavier University: 7.71

11. University of Dayton: 7.65

12. UC Santa Barbara: 7.6

13. University of Central Florida: 7.5

14. Elon 7.3

15. Duke University: 6.4

16.  Georgetown University: 6.3

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