by BroBible Staff on April 25, 2013

Quick Hit

We're often overlooked due to FSU, UF, and UM, but our bar specials are unbeatable and our house parties are on point.


House Parties 

House parties aren't as prevalent here in Orlando just because the bar scene locally is great, but our house parties are still awesome. The Kegs and Hunch Punch coolers are continuously flowing and everyone just gets hammered.

Overall: 7/10 The house parties are fun, but nothing spectacular.


BroBible Editorial Input: I think we can all agree that the worst thing about Florida is the pavement to non-pavement ratio. Way too much of that substance, and oftentimes unnecessary. Pavement is bad for parties, because it hurts when you drunkenly fall. For that, minus one. 6/10



This is for sure the highlight of UCF. There are currently about 5 popular local bars with a 6th opening soon. Every night of the week you can find a place where the special is 7 dollar cover and free drinks and drafts till midnight. By 11:30 p.m. it turns into a battle to down as many drinks as possible before midnight hits. This leads to a mess of sloppiness that always is a good time. Once you get into you're junior and senior year, a whole new world opens up for you, downtown Orlando. Being just a 20 minute taxi or bus drive away, downtown is the place to be once you are of legal drinking age. The clubs and bars there are fun as hell and you just can't beat it. You can grind on girls all night in one of the clubs, or just hang out with some friends and meet new people at one of the bars. Between the local bars and downtown, you'll always have something to do.

Overall 9/10 The bar/club scene is just too good.


BroBible Editorial Input: Another big intangible–the weather. Winter bar scenes often wane, but UCF doesn't really have that problem. Plus, being destructive in Disney World's backyard seems like a great loss of innocence moment. The world is dark and full of terrors, so certainly support that move. 9.5/10


Fraternity Life

Although we aren't as big here on Greek Life like FSU or UF, our Greek Life still parties hard. We just got off a school wide Greek Life suspension so we are at a low point right now, but we still have a lot of fun. The party/bar scene is big with Greek Life, but this has also led to the suspension of certain organizations. UCF is just very strict on their rules and it sucks, but we just go with it.

Overall 7/10 In the future Greek Life will probably become a lot stronger here. But we aren't as old as other schools so we just need to set the foundation for the future.


BroBible Editorial Input: Strong skills are apparent, and we always like potential. The Kyrie Irving of Greek Life? 7.5/10



Although statistics say its about even boy to girl ratio here, it seems like everywhere you go there are hot girls. With 59,000+ students so about 30,000+ girls, its any bro's paradise. From house parties to the bar scene, from the gym to the classroom, it's like everywhere you go you are seeing new girls. With our Florida weather too, you will always see girls just laying out near the Reflection Pond or Greek Row just tanning, it's a nice view when driving or walking to class.

Overall 8/10, The girls are numerous and hot, but you will still sometimes meet the ones that are stuck up.


BroBible Editorial Input: You said what needed to be said, which is a lot more than a particularly annoying John Mayer song can boast about. 8/10. 


Sports-Related Raging

We tailgate and get drunk and rowdy for any sport here, but what's different about us is that usually no one goes to the game/cares about the game. On a typical tailgate Saturday when the game is at 4, people tailgate at Memory Mall till about 3:30 p.m., then just walk to a local bar to watch the game because that bar will be having a free beer special or something like that. Memory Mall by the way is a big plot of land near the stadium at UCF. People set up tents all over this place and usually hundreds sometimes thousands of people will show up and hop from tent to tent, shotgunning beers or playing beer darts.

Overall 8/10, We might not care about the game, but we tailgate for it like champions.


BroBible Editorial Input: Gameday nihilism brings its own unique tailgating genre, and often creates a pretty great environment rooted more in truth, comedy, and reality. Really an experience to be experienced, and there's always a great community vibe. THAT said, there's a whole nother “celebration” style raging that some of these more “we don't give a shit” schools miss out on. Not having that will cost you here. 6/10



Big Events/Traditions

One of our biggest traditions is during Homecoming Week and it's called Spirit Splash. We have a big fountain on our campus, and basically everyone pregames and then heads to this fountain. Someone gives a big speech on how UCF is the shit and there is a DJ behind him. They then countdown and everyone just rushes into the fountain and rages while the DJ does his thing.

Overall 6/10, We are still a young school and need to create more traditions, but Spirit Splash is still fun.


BroBible Editorial Input: Give yourself a little more credit! As you mentioned, the bigger Florida schools usually take all the hype, and spend the most time bragging. True Bros let their game do the talking. They're signing autographs, but you're in the gym. No distractions, just pure love of the game. 7/10. 



UCF is a huge school and is often overlooked as a party school. No one gives it a chance until they come and visit and see what the night life truly has to offer. “We're an up and coming school” is said when describing UCF. It is kind of our school motto, but it is true and will be really apparent in the near future.

Overall 8/10, Just spend a weekend here and you'll see we know how to party.


BroBible Editorial Input: Probably should've said that last thing for this one, but point is, this is a school often overshadowed–if they were playing in another league of party schools, we may be talking playoffs. Go Knights. 8/10. 


Overall Scores*

*Attained by averaging all the categories together

Composite UCF Student Ranking: 7.6 

Composite BroBible Editorial Ranking: 7.4

Overall How We Party Ranking: 7.53**

*Attained by averaging the two, with the student ranking weighted double the BB ranking.

**For standings purposes, we will round to 7.5. The 7.53 will be consulted in even of a tiebreaker. 



1. Penn State University: 8.2

2. University of Central Florida: 7.5

3. Georgetown University: 6.3


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