by Reggie Noble on November 12, 2012

Researchers from Brown University and Miriam Hospitals' Centers for Behavorial and Preventive Medicine surveyed 483 first-year female university students, asking questions about their sexual behavior during their freshman year. Before starting college, one-third of incoming freshmen women reported having had at least one hook-up, meaning no-strings-attached sexual activity, while nearly 60 percent said they had had sex at least once in the context of a romantic relationship.

Forty percent reported hooking up during the first year of college, and less than one in five participants said that they hooked up each month. But 56 percent of the women said they had sex with a boyfriend or romantic partner during the year.

Researchers also found that Caucasian students were more likely than Asian or African American students to hook up.

What this study really means is that a lot of you braggarts out there are nothing more than no-good, dirty rotten liars. And that, dammit, you might have to actually be charming to bed the 9 sitting in the front of your math class.

[H/T: New York Daily News]