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10. Campus Quad/Main Lawn Area

This one is probably the most public, which makes it all the more appealing to a degenerate exhibitionist. There's no way you're gonna pull this off during the day, but a late-night f*ck session on the campus quad is definitely never out of the question. Bring a girl down at night and just say you wanna lay with her on the ground and watch the stars or something. She'll probably buy it. Before you know it, you will be laying on the ground watching the meteors on her chest bounce.

9. Fitness Center

We got the best work out for you: sex. After your done lifting, find a girl, take her somewhere quiet near the lockerrooms, and finish your work out, literally.

8. Apartment Balcony

Many off-campus apartments have balconies, so when it's dark enough, take your girl out, close the sliding glass door, and wave to your friends as you're plowing your lady. Keep ESPN on inside, so you can watch the TV through the glass while you're giving it to her. Priceless.

7. Campus Shuttle Bus

Most major college campuses have a bus, or some sort of free transportation system that continuously rides around campus. Usually this form of public transportation is crammed with rowdy drunks on the weekend. Banging a girl on a bus will require keeping most of your clothes on, so you might be able to pull it off if she sits on your lap in the back of the bus, humping your dick. If anyone notices, just smile.

6. Dormitory Elevator

Pick the highest building on campus, get on the elevator, hit the highest number floor when you get in, pull your pants off, take her pants off, bend her over, be quick, put your pants back on, and walk out. Any time, any day. Just hope no one else stops the elevator to come up with you. Bonus points for humming Aerosmith's “Love in an Elevator” while walking out on the first floor after finishing your business.

5. Classroom or Lecture Hall

We're going to go ahead and assume no one can achieve this while class is actually in session, but this is still a great spot to get busy. Find a way into your campus' biggest lecture hall after hours. Once you're in, you have your choice of about 1,000 seats, and a couple desks to just go at it.

4. Fraternity House You Don't Live In

This doesn't apply to fraternity brothers who already have rooms in the house. That's a given every night. This is for the dude that's going to a fraternity just to party. Once you got the girl, the challenge of doing her in the house is finding a place to do it. An unlocked bedroom? Basement? Pool table? Right on the f*ckin' dance floor? Who gives a shit. Wherever, it's a cool story for your Bros at home.

3. Library

It's 2:30 a.m. on a Monday night, and you're studying for an exam. There are only two people left in the library, you and a 5-foot, 4-inch brunette, with a smokin' bod. You look at her, look down, look back at her, and just wink. Her clothes come off, instantly, and before you know it, your doing her under the “Fiction” section. The library is the oldest campus hook-up spot in the book and always a classic story.

2. Professor or TA's Desk

Hey, these aren't supposed to be easy! You might need some strategic planning for this one, but if you can pull it off, it will be one hell of a time. Find an open, empty office (the nicer the better), take your girl in, and lock the door. The desk shouldn't be hard to find, but as a bonus, find your last exam or paper, and bang her right on top of your last C+ assignment , so her ass cheeks eat your test. Bonus points if the girl is your professor or TA.

1. Main Sports Field/Arena

If you're a Dukie, it's Cameron Indoor. If you're a Nittany Lion, it's Beaver Stadium. Either way, it's a dream of a lifetime. You will never look at the 50-yard line the same. Find a way into your school's biggest, most prestigious sporting arena, bring a girl, and boom. Make sure you're ready to go, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For this one, it better be good, long, and all over the stadium. Make it worth while.

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