by J. Camm on March 7, 2014


We’ve covered this Duke porn star story throughout the entire, drawn-out unveiling. From the moment it was unearthed that there was a porn star at Duke to the point where this girl finally told the world her porn name is Belle Knox, we’ve been there — David Covucci even tasked himself with the harrowing task of reviewing her casting couch. But you know what the highlight of this entire dog and pony show is for me? The moment Piers Morgan used the word “kerfuffle” to describe it. Fucking kerfuffle. Great word. Not a word, however, that I would use to describe the situation in my pants when I watched this girl’s Casting Couch. She might be someone’s cup of visual tea, but she ain’t mine. Best of luck to her, though. There are worse things in life to do with your time than porn, like scrapbooking or owning cats.

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