by J. Camm on February 24, 2014


Nothing like watching a bunch of college kids day drinking their genitals off in beautiful weather to remind you that you’re sitting in an office, in the cold as shit north east, and the only thing you have in common with these people is that they don’t want your life either.

Goddammit, I depressed myself just typing that.

Look, going to a school where you can day drink at the beach is awesome (I did that) but you want to know what I really focused on during this video, other than the sun, the babes and all the boozing? I’ll tell you what. And this might be my age talking, but the first thing I noticed was how the owner of the house beefed up the structural integrity of that deck, because if he hadn’t sitting under that thing when the top is packed over capacity would be a fucking death sentence. So good on that dude for saving a few lives.

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