by Chris Illuminati on February 5, 2014

Man in Underwear Statue

The women of Wellesley College are pretty freaked out about a new sculpture titled “Sleepwalker” recently installed in busy spot on campus. The incredibly lifelike statue depicts a man in his tighty whities, eyes closed, sleepwalking across the all-female campus.

The president of the prestigious school says the reaction of students is “all part of the intellectual process.” The women on campus are all like “screw the process, dude is creepy as hell!”

“The sculpture is a ‘source of apprehension, fear, and triggering thoughts regarding sexual assault’ for many, according to the petition, which had nearly 300 signees on Wednesday. The petition started by junior Zoe Magid called on President H. Kim Bottomly to have the artwork removed. That appeared unlikely, according to a joint statement issued Wednesday by Bottomly and museum Director Lisa Fischman.”

An English professor at the school commented, “I think it’s meant to be off-putting. It’s a schlumpy guy in underpants in an all-women environment.”

Maybe the all-female student body was so alarmed by the sculpture because schlumpy men wandering campus in just their underwear usually only happens on weekends.

[via Fox News]

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