by Brandon Wenerd on February 4, 2014


We’ve posted some pretty intense anti-masturbation videos before, but this one from BYU-Idaho takes the cake. It’s completely over-the-top, comparing the struggle of not jerkin’ it to being a wounded soldier in combat. They actually show a Saving Private Ryan-esque WWII-style reenactment while BYU-Idaho Kim B. Clark talks about why male roommates should tell their fellow male roommates to stop masturbating (or… wut… tell the university). It’s maybe the most ridiculous analogies I’ve ever heard, perhaps even a slap in the face to the brave soldiers who have gone through hell and back from actually being wounded in combat. The psychological, physical, and emotion toils that real, actual war put on soldiers and their families long after they’ve left the service is hardly comparable to a young man’s struggle to not pleasure himself.

In other words, maybe a little respect for those who have given their limbs and lives for our country,  BYU-Idaho?

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[H/T: Barstool]

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